While Universal Yoga is a system predicated on freedom, with freedom comes accountability. Thus, there are four principles guiding every Universal Yoga teacher.

The first rule is to be karmically free.
To be karmically free means that you don’t take on the choices or mistakes of others and make them your own. Chart your own course in life! Navigate your life in a way that is both fulfilling and positive. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? What gives your life purpose? What do you dream about doing? The best way to be karmically free is to be aware of the patterns and lessons you learn as you live.
Honor you individuality!

The second rule is to be consciously aware.
If you are aware you are mindful. Mindfulness eliminates haste and hurry. Mindfulness means you are aware of your actions on the level of the every sheath (mayakosha) and relative to the people, animals and nature in which you find yourself. Seek personal responsibility. Own the consequences (especially negative ones) of all your karmic actions and be willing to view them as lessons from which you learn more about yourself and your karmic motivations.

The third rule is to be creative in your life activities.
Creativity does not mean sacrificing a dear yoga teacher, a beloved philosophy or science, normal lifestyle choices or any teachings. It simply means that you can add to those things. To be creative means to listen to the inner voice that guides you. Be eager to explore outside the box. Live curiously and inventively. Cultivating creativity develops the divine qualities. The ability to create differentiates humans from other sentient beings. So be creative in all avenues of your life: in cooking, decorating, romance and in your profession.

The fourth rule is to be compassionate, always.
Seek to understand before demanding to be understood. Consider the welfare of those around you when acting, speaking and thinking. Learn from the imperfections of others as well as from yourself. Be forgiving, grateful, generous and kind in all avenues of your life. The energy of emotions behave like a boomerang. The more you give joy, the more you receive joy. In the same way, the more you are compassionate and forgive everyone everywhere everyday, the more the same will be done for you. Your world will transform into a peaceful place.