Unity Yoga is a brilliant systematization of all the essential laws and rules of authentic yogadeveloped by my teacher, Andrey Lappa. What makes yoga “authentic”? The process of moving inward rather than outward.  Yoga’s three main threads of practice (body, breath and mind) are the markers of depth that define introversion and make yoga practice authentic.  As such, any practice of training the body should bring you to an experience of energy or breath.  Any practice of training the breath should bring you to an experience of mind or Self-observation. Any practice training the mind should bring you to an experience of no mind or absence of thoughts.  If you peek under the surface of all known yoga systems, you see overlapping, common elements. The main overlapping element is the concept of the Mayakoshas – or sheaths of every human being. “Maya” means illusion. “Kosha” means sheath. Through Universal Yoga practice, you realize you are not these layers or sheaths, rather, you are a soul, a consciousness, experiencing these layers.  The Universal Yoga method organizes, analyzes and systematizes all the body, breath and mind practices using the mayakoshas as a governing structure of practice and as its bedrock.  These are the FOUR rules Universal Yoga Teachers and Practitioners follow:

Be karmically free

To be karmically free means that you don’t take on the choices or mistakes of others and make them your own. Chart your own course in life! The best way to be karmically free is to be aware of the patterns and lessons you learn as you live.

Be conscious

If you are aware you are mindful, and that eliminates haste and hurry (along with unnecessary mistakes) in your life.  Seek out personal responsibility everywhere!

Be creative

To be creative means to listen to the inner voice that guides you. Be eager to explore outside the box. Live curiously and inventively.  Be creative in all avenues of your life: cooking, decorating, romance and in your profession.

Be compassionate

Seek to understand before demanding to be understood. Consider the welfare of those around you when acting, speaking and thinking.  Learn from the imperfections of others as well as from yourself.  Be forgiving, grateful, generous and lovingly kind no matter the circumstances in which you find yourself.