Mysore Ashtanga in Charlotte

The mysore method of practice is named after the city of Mysore in South India where Sri. T. Krishnamacharya first taught this method. It is also the city in which Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois lived after he became the holder of this lineage.​  It is the method in which students memorize the sequence of poses and practice at their own pace. They await help from the teacher, only when necessary. The teacher’s help is individualized according the physical, energetic and spiritual needs and capacities of each student.
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The Tristhana Method

This one word (tristhana) describes the foundation of the ashtanga method. These are the three places that nourish the practice. The methodology is threefold.
Breath (meaning an audible breath). Breathing throughout the practice should be not just audible, but also deep and slow. A teacher should see the rib cage change its shape on both inhale and exhale.
Asana (the posture – meaning the circumstance of the body). Each pose should be controlled, graceful, and ease-filled. The poses are not goals. They might seem like they are at first, but once the sequence of postures is memorized, deep breathing becomes the goal.
Drishti (gazing point). The prescribed gazing points are designed to keep the senses, the mind and the attitude inwardly focused.  It is a method of energy accumulation that helps fuel the power of the practice and support your mental concentration.

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